Natalie Pedigo - Plan C: Dancing in the Water Gardens

February 27, 2018

Location: Fort Worth Water Gardens - Fort Worth, TX 

Model: Natalie Pedigo 

Assistant: Donovan Rivera



If there is one thing you can guarantee from Texas in the Spring is that it absolutely unpredictable. The cover photo that you just saw was nothing short of a miracle combined with pure determination of my entire team!


Without giving too much away- my original shoot for this month was supposed to be on a rooftop in Dallas. But with rain that wasn't going to happen. So here's the scenario- the entire photo team is standing by as we watch the weather constantly for the last two days. Finally, it starts raining the day of the shoot so Plan A is kaput. "Let's improvise and do a rain shoot!" I thought to myself. And then literally half an hour before we were suppose to start THAT shoot, it STOPS raining!!! So now Plan B goes out the window as well!


Determined to make deadline and get a cover-worthy shoot happen, I call up the team, we brainstorm for no more than 20 minutes until we come up with a last ditch effort to make SOMETHING happen! We decide to go to the Fort Worth Water Gardens, sticking with the theme of water and just 100% wing it! And I have to say, I think I improvised my way into this shoot better than any BS I made up for any of my high school or college essays (hahaha)!!! The model is none other than one of my assistants who just happen to have a white dress in car. Literally could not make any of this up if I wanted to!


The following photos are from our very short but very powerful gallery!



Honestly I thought we got lucky that Natalie happens to be very comfortable in her body and was just rockin' the poses from the get-go!



Leading up to the following image, I should mention- Natalie is not a professional dancer. Yet she pulled this off... WOW! 



Then we started playing around with different lighting techniques. This one we used a giant 48" Octobox to light her from camera left.



This one is probably one of my favorite images ever! The lighting as you can see harsher on purposes. The source: we used an Ozark Trail headlamp that I use for camping! When you're already forced to push your creativity to the next level you just keep rolling with the ideas that come pouring out your head!


 Now Natalie did take some drama classes in school so we started experimenting with expressing different emotions. Did I mention she's super comfortable and aware of her own body? I'm telling you, I was so lucky to work with Natalie's talents!



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